Compete366 is a unique business and technology consultancy to make you more competitive

Compete366 is a business and technology consultancy that works with small and medium sized businesses to make them more competitive. We help our clients to reduce costs, become more agile and to drive more revenue.

Cloud delivered solutions are having a significant impact for our clients because they offer a cheaper and more flexible alternative to their current IT systems. By enabling access to capabilities that were previously the preserve of larger enterprises and applying cloud technology to the right area of your business Compete366 can help your company stay ahead of the rest.

Getting value out of cloud technology requires an understanding of the business, its constraints and ambitions, as well as the technology expertise.

Our founders have run a number of successful technology businesses both large and small. Compete366 combines their expertise in business and technology and they truly believe in the business value gained from cloud solutions; Compete366 is a “born in the cloud” business and runs exclusively on cloud technology.