Give your teams secure access to the business applications and data they need – wherever they are.

Take the stress out of setting up virtual desktops:

  • Let Azure do the heavy lifting
  • Reduce the complexity of setting up virtual desktops
  • Only pay for what you need

Why use Virtual Desktops?

  • Facilitate remote working

      Azure Virtual Desktop enables your team to work from wherever they are, with the same user experience. It allows you to provide and manage secure access to your company data and applications.

  • Simple Security Management

      Provide controlled and secure access to your data and applications for contractors and part-time staff. Allow employees to use their own home computers to connect securely.

  • Flexible PC Management

      Deploy virtual PCs as and when needed – no more wasted PC resources.   And deploy different AVDs for different groups to provide what is required for each role, and control access to business critical information.

The Azure Virtual Desktop difference

Maybe you’ve considered using a virtual desktop in the past but cost or complexity held you back? Azure Virtual Desktop changes that.

In the past, virtual desktop solutions have been complex and expensive. They were difficult for companies to set up and manage. A large server infrastructure was necessary to run virtual desktops. As a result, most small and medium businesses didn’t have the resources to manage virtual desktops in-house. Azure Virtual Desktop makes this accessible and affordable for all businesses.

  • Simple to deploy and configure

      Use the Azure Portal single interface to deploy and manage virtual desktops and apps, assign users and have access to monitoring and diagnostics.

  • Highly Cost Effective

      Pay only for virtual servers when your virtual desktops are on.  And with Azure Virtual Desktop, there’s less infrastructure required to run a distributed team.

  • Complete Flexibility

      Provide your users with full Windows10 desktops with your business applications. Simply increase or decrease the number of virtual desktops as your workforce changes.   And like with all Microsoft Cloud Services, there are no contractual commitments with AVD.  Give your employees the entire desktop experience or offer specific virtual apps – the choice is yours.  Plus it’s the only virtual desktop interface that offers Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session.

What Next?

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