CRM Migration to Azure delivers SQL Cloud Hosting for Victoria Wall Associates

SQL Server Hosting with Azure

Small and medium-sized businesses can save money, improve cash flow and improve competitiveness by hosting SQL Server in the cloud using Microsoft Azure. In this short video, Simon Crow, managing director of Victoria Wall Associates, explains how and why his company worked with Compete366 to host a new CRM system on an Azure SQL Server hosting solution.

About Victoria Wall Associates

Victoria Wall Associates (VWA) is a specialist recruitment consultancy in London supplying support staff to the Financial Services sector and the Investment Management arena in particular.

The company had selected a specialist recruitment CRM system offering additional functionality and ease of use. But, the new CRM needed to run on a SQL Server. VWA discussed a number of options with Compete366 before choosing to host its SQL server in the cloud using Microsoft Azure.

Why VWA chose Azure SQL Server Hosting

VWA chose Azure because of its cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

  • Microsoft Azure is very cashflow-friendly because there are no upfront costs and it’s billed on a pay-per-use basis.
  • Azure SQL server hosting is also extremely flexible compared to owning and operating servers. Hosting can be changed easily, according to business needs.

Compete366 clients pay for a monthly managed service which can be scaled up, scaled down, or extended to add extra applications. In this case, VWA extended by adding an extra module to its CRM system giving it mobile app functionality too.

Compete366, is a Microsoft Cloud specialist and a Gold Microsoft Azure Partner. Compete366’s unique service approach enabled VWAs Azure environment to be set up quickly and cost-effectively and the company still manages the Azure hosting for VWA today.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you migrate your data to Azure, simply get in touch. We’ll be pleased to help.

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