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Optimise Media Azure Virtual Desktop

This case study explains how Compete366 worked with Optimise Media, a global performance advertising network, to build a global IT infrastructure using Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop.

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Business Background

Optimise Media is a global performance advertising network.  Put simply, they help premium advertisers on the internet achieve the highest value customers from their advertising spend.   Tracking user journeys on websites, they analyse user clicks and transactions translating this into paid  commission for their customers.

The Business Challenge

With a UK headquarters of around 50 users, and another 150 employees worldwide, Optimise Media was faced with the challenge of supplying company laptops to their employees across South East Asia, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and India.

With this geographically dispersed team, the central IT department in the UK was faced with the logistical challenge of supplying laptops that met company security requirements.

The Solution

Optimise Media decided to investigate using Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop as a solution to this challenge.

Already an existing user of Microsoft 0365 from a different provider, Optimise decided to look around for a new partner.  Compete366 was recommended, and after an initial conversation with a Compete366 Azure expert, who confirmed that the migration to Azure Virtual Desktop would be easy they decided to go ahead with the project.   It made sense for Optimise Media to also move their O365 licencing across to Compete366 too.

As Dave Burgess, IT Support Analyst, Optimise Media explains,

From the outset we were impressed with the response from our consultant from Compete366 who guided us through the process of setting up Azure Virtual Desktop, and the implementation went very well.”

Key Benefits

The key benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop for Optimise Media are around cost savings which are expected to be around £1k per laptop plus the setup and shipping costs, and also with data security.

In addition removing the logistics of managing physical devices across borders and needing to have trained staff in place to manage this has been removed.

Data Security

  • Employees are able to use their personal computer to access a virtual desktop with all of the applications they require.
  • Azure Virtual Desktop is fully secure meaning that users are prevented from copying commercially sensitive information outside of the organisation.
  • If a laptop device is lost or stolen, there is no data loss as this resides in the Azure Virtual Desktop environment.

Cost Savings

  • Cost savings of around £1000 per laptop plus set up and shipping costs.
  • The Azure Virtual Desktop is set up with auto-shutdown features which means that the business is not charged for machines running over night.
  • Migrating users from dedicated Windows 365 machines to Azure Virtual Desktop will allow for multiple users on one instance, and all in the same time-zone.

The project has been rolled out firstly within the international team.  As users grow across the organisation, Azure Virtual Desktop has been set up to auto-scale meaning that a new instance is only created as the previous one is filled up for maximum cost effectiveness.

Working with C366

The support we received from the Compete366 expert consultant went above and beyond what I expected.  I had looked at the documentation and realised there was a lot to learn, and their consultant helped me to work through the details sending in-depth emails and clear blog articles.  The response time was extremely quick and allowed me to cut through all of the noise and focus on getting the job done.”

Dave Burgess, IT Support Analyst, Optimise Media

Plans for the Future

So what’s next?

Optimise Media is looking at Azure for hosting fileshares, and is also planning to move old system files into a mapped drive in Azure Virtual Desktop.  This will save even more time in terms of looking after the IT infrastructure.

And with continued hybrid working, Azure Virtual Desktop gives employees the option to be flexible and use their personal machines to access the company applications and data, wherever they are.

If you’d like to find out more about our Expert Azure Virtual Desktop consulting services then do get in touch. We’ll be pleased to help.

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