Flawless Migration to Office 365 Brings Collaboration to Exceeding

SMB Migration to Office 365

50,000 small and medium sized businesses are moving to Office 365 every month. Every business is unique but most face common challenges driven by change. Office 365 is helping businesses all over world adapt to change in fascinating ways. In this short video, Steve Rowland, one of eXceeding’s founders, explains how migrating to Office 365 enabled eXceeding to embrace flexible and remote working practices. Collaboration is important to eXceeding and Office 365 was the catalyst.

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About eXceeding

eXceeding was founded on the principle of providing impartial and unbiased services to businesses in order to help them achieve the best services and solutions for their needs. Whether it is winning business, reducing overall spend without reducing quality of service or finding the right provider for your needs, eXceeding has the knowledge, experience and contacts to help companies succeed.

eXceeding’s Challenge

eXceeding’s consultants were often out of the office, dispersed across different client sites, so it was becoming harder to work collaboratively. But collaboration was seen as essential to function as a team. Remote and on-site workers need the right tools to collaborate or they lose effectiveness. Exceeding’s technology infrastructure didn’t support collaboration effectively which was causing issues. For example, they needed to be able to shared calendar, but couldn’t.

The Consultation

eXceeding engaged Compete366, a Microsoft cloud specialist, to advise them on technology options. After explaining the operational challenges IT was creating, Compete366 proposed an Office 365 solution and engaged in a consulting project to plan, manage and deliver a migration to Office 365 email including email, licensing and users. The project plan promised no downtime and no impact on eXceeeding’s staff.

The Implementation

Compete366 started by clearly articulating the options with Office 365 and the benefits associated with each. Compete366 managed the process and, importantly, communicated clearly and concisely with all eXceedingly team members throughout migration so they always knew exactly what was happening. Compete36’s unique process and approach to Office 365 email migrations eliminates the risk of loss, data corruption and downtime less experienced consultants sometimes experience.

The Results

Steve Rowland comes back three months after implementation in this video to update viewers about results. He explains that eXceedingly was very impressed with the product because it had cured all of their diary and collaboration issues. He continues to explain that the company is now exploring other Office 365 products like Sharepoint. The migration was a huge success.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you migrate your email to Office 365, simply get in touch. We’ll be pleased to help.

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