New Business

Empower your marketing and sales teams with access anywhere tools that help them identify market opportunities, devise and deliver marketing campaigns, track and nurture prospects and win customers by leveraging intelligence (with Dynamics CRM). Encouraging participation in social media to attract prospects is easy and you can do all of this seamlessly with integrated technology.

Customer knowledge

The more you know about your customers, the more successful you will be in selling them additional products and services. This deep customer knowledge needs to be gathered, maintained, shared and most importantly used throughout the business. To deliver the benefits, you need process and discipline in your business, as well as the technology. Compete366 can help you with all of these aspects to drive your revenue (Compete366 Services).

Better informed decisions

Your business is full of data in various internal systems, there is lots of really useful public data that’s relevant to your customers and your market – access, combine and interrogate all of this intuitively with self service analytics. Gain rapid insights into your business and customer behaviour, make swifter and better informed decisions (using Power BI).

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