Productive People

Enable your staff to work from anywhere on any device with instant and secure access to their email, calendar, documents and data. Collaboration with customers and staff is easy with online voice and video conferencing and secure document sharing (all delivered by Office 365). Interact intuitively with your business and market data to gain insights and make better informed decisions (using Power BI) with up to date information on your customers and prospects always at your finger tips (with Dynamics CRM). Seamless integration allows you to be as productive as possible and we can manage all this for you, so you don’t have to.

Agile Business

Open new offices or locations in the UK or across the world, grow organically or through acquisition, or staff a fixed term contract… whatever your business needs to do, we can make this process quick and simple (with Office 365, Azure and Compete366 Services).

Access can be given to new users to these capabilities in minutes, and as you pay for the services on a per user per month basis, the costs scale directly with your business. Similarly, should your headcount shrink for any reason, you stop paying for those users as soon as they leave.

Secure Data and Devices

Put your information in the cloud with Azure and enable your staff to access it on any device (including personal devices) with enterprise class security.

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