Know more, do more, make more of an impact

We know manufacturing is one of the most complex and rewarding industries there is. Every day we help manufacturers reduce costs, drive revenues and become more agile.

Giving a company a better view can give it a better edge.

And that’s where our data expertise comes in. We use business intelligence systems to harness your data and help you know more, do more and make more impact on your marketplace.

We show you how to tap into data easier, get answers quicker and uncover hidden opportunities that will improve your profits.

We also help you get hands-on with our Power BI demo site, so you can learn first-hand exactly how much you can benefit from embracing this powerful, intuitive software.

Introducing Power BI from Microsoft

We help you get the most from your business by using Power BI, a powerful yet easy-to-use business intelligence platform from Microsoft. It’s designed for manufacturing businesses like yours and brings together data, charts and reports in a familiar Microsoft user interface.

Download the Power BI Brochure

What Power BI can do for you

Power BI has revolutionised the business intelligence market for manufacturing. It takes business reporting out of the shadows and allows you to drill down into your company and market data, asking the questions that make the difference.

It works within Excel as well, so it looks familiar to you and your workforce, meaning it can be deployed as quickly and widely as needed within your business. Want to compare and combine data or test a few scenarios against each other? No problem, Power BI can merge hundreds of data sources together, combining your company data with public sources to place your business in the wider context. And the data can be refreshed directly from the original source to make sure your decisions are based on the best available information.

The Compete366 Difference

When you choose us as your technology consultant, you choose an accomplished team that will ease you into the data driving seat. As an Ingram Micro and Microsoft partner, we can help you harness Power BI to drive revenues faster and further, supporting your digital transformation and helping you reduce costs, become more agile and drive revenues.

Want to learn more? We’ve built a demo site to help you fully understand the capabilities and structure of the Power BI platform. Explore the interactive demo here or get in touch today to discover what Power BI can do for your business.