We can have you up and running in the cloud with Office 365 in a matter of days, depending on your timescales and the complexity of your requirements.

To determine your needs we hold a planning workshop and agree the timescales and costs. Typically the following tasks are required:

  • Set up your Office 365 tenant with your company domain(s) (the web and email addresses you use) and populate it with accounts for your staff
  • Migrate emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, settings and any other agreed data across
  • Testing
  • Cut-over to Office 365 on the agreed date
  • Training for your chosen staff member(s) that will administer Office 365 (or Compete366 can do this for you if you wish)
  • Training for your staff on how to use some of the new capabilities if you wish

Once we have signed you up to your Office 365 subscription, you can choose which of the above implementation, migration and training services you would like Compete366 to perform for you. You could do the process yourself, or, you can contract us to help you, whether for just the set up or from start to finish – you decide.

If you need to perform an Office 365 to Office 365 migration, maybe because of a merger, acquisition or divestment of a business, there are additional migration considerations that we’ve covered in this blog post:

Migrating from Office 365 to Office 365: Everything you need to know

See also our case studies on some of the clients that we have migrated to Office 365.

Read our recent Langstaff Ellis case study on O365 to O365 migration.

Would you like a quote for us to migrate you to Office 365? Please submit your details here.